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Your well-being is our ultimate concern. We have provided patients in South Florida a wide range of psychological and counseling services to suit your needs.

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Quality Care by our Certified Behavioral Health Case Managers

Targeted Case Managers (TCM's) are also known as Certified Behavioral Health Case Managers (CBHCM). TCM's promote the community-based assessment and planning process by working with individuals, families, service providers, and other agencies and individuals to create an individualized plan based on a comprehensive assessment of each person's needs. Also, case managers assist individuals and/or parents or guardians in navigating the service system.

Here at Years Ahead Behavioral Health, our Targeted Case Managers (TCM) help clients reach access to services needed to meet their mental health needs, achieve recovery, and live independently in the community. Services are provided by skilled mental health practitioners who are supported by a team of Certified Behavioral Health Case Manager Supervisor (CBHCMS). Case managers work closely with each individual to create a treatment plan based on an assessment of functioning, needs, and strengths. We meet with individuals as needed to guide, educate, link, and reinforce an individual's power to be more self-sufficient.

A Targeted Case Manager coordinates services with other providers to help each client accomplish personalized goals on their individual treatment plan. Services include:

  • Assessment of functioning and needs

  • Assessment of strengths and support systems

  • Referrals to needed medical, psychiatric, dental vocational/educational, social, and benefit services

  • Coordination and ongoing monitoring of services

  • Crisis planning

  • Assistance with finding and keeping housing

  • Help with Mental and Physical Health, Recreational, Activities of Daily Living, Housing, Economic/Benefits, County and State Public Transportation Benefits, as well as Support with any Legal and Immigration procedures, among others.

  • Support to solve everyday life problems

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